Training Hotel

At VMSIIHE, our uniqueness is we make learning and training an effortless process. Hence we have our own Training Hotel for students to have the feel and experience how to work in a 5-star property at the onset. The students have hands-on experience in the Front Office Department and Housekeeping Department during the course of the practical sessions at the course
The Training Hotel consists of

  • The lobby
  • The bell desk
  • The reception area
  • The back office area
  • The travel desk
  • 4 fully furnished 5-star facility guest rooms, i.e.: two double room and two twin room on the ground floor
  • 4 structured guest rooms along with one suite on the first floor.
  • Linen Room
  • Laundry Room.

The front area of the Training Hotel is used for the Front Office training. The students play a major role in training themselves for reservation, registration (check-in), occupancy (stay) and the departure (check-out) as a part of their syllabus.

The students get trained making the bed as per the high standards followed in 5 Star properties. Cleaning is the important task in Accommodation Operations; we do train our students to clean the guest rooms which also include the bathroom and toilet cleaning. Apart from the cleaning and bed making, the students also have an opportunity to train in the Linen Room and Laundry Room.

Training Kitchen

The training kitchen is used for the courses in food production, food production operations and pastry arts as well as other food production related workshops and training. It is equipped for bulk kitchen training, live service practices and much more.
The Training Kitchen ‘Masci’ has a large area of 185 sq. mtrs with:

  • 24 individual cooking ranges with attached oven, worktable
    and shared sink for two.
  • High-pressure cooking ranges for bulk kitchen training
  • Steam kettle and tilting pan for bulk kitchen training
  • Combi-convection oven
  • Deep fryer and griddle plates
  • High-quality equipment and working tools; pans and pots
  • Sufficient cooling and freezing capacity for all the classes
  • Pick up counter for live service practices with Bain-Marie, cooling and heating units
  • Good exhaust, ventilation system and lighting

Students are trained in food production and pastry arts as per the International standards.

The Demo Kitchen

The demo kitchen is used to guide and demonstrate new techniques in Food Production. It helps students explore the techniques of food production before they can work on it in the training kitchen.

  • It has a capacity of seating 60 students and is 96.5 sq. mtrs
  • Has a big screen with two cameras and projector to follow the Chef’s presentation.
  • It has a cooking range with all facilities for a demonstration course

Most guest lecturers present their work in the demo kitchen making interactions with top chefs more interactive, lively and interesting. Students can then practice the lessons in the training kitchen.

The Bakery

VMSIIHE has a Bakery of 104 sq. mtrs equipped as per international standards to train students in art and science of food production.

  • Has a capacity for 15-20 students.
  • It has an oven room with big bread oven
  • A chocolate room with A/C and
  • It also has a bakery room with equipment like dough mixer, dough sheeting machine, planetary mixers.
  • It has stone surface on work tables
  • Refrigeration under counters
  • Separate walk-in fridge
  • Tools and special equipment like airbrush pistols, sugar lamps and chocolate temperer.

Training Restaurant and Bar

VMSIIHE also has a training restaurant and bar called ‘Creams’. They are situated in the training hotel for students to practice the art of good service. ‘Creams’ is equipped with facilities to teach and train students in the international standards of food and beverage service. Students are trained for 12 weeks where demo sessions are conducted for mixology and students are encouraged to create their own cocktails.

    • The training bar and restaurant have the capacity to accommodate 100 people
    • They have a centralized A/C
    • The restaurant also has a wine bottle corking machine to enable the students to practice opening of wine bottles
    • The Bar is equipped with
      • speed pourer
      • glass washing machine
      • espresso machine
      • blenders station
      • ice machine
      • jiggers etc.

Banquets and theme events are organized by the students in the training bar and restaurant which are also open to the public giving students the platform to practice what they have learnt.

Computer Lab

The Computer Lab is used to train students in basics of computers which includes creating excel worksheets, designing and running of macros, designing PowerPoint presentation, creating word documents and using mail merge, using database and industry software includes creating tables, using validations, designing queries/forms/reports and normalisation of tables.
The computer lab has

  • A seating capacity of 30 students.
  • An overhead projector
  • Database and industry software


The library has a collection of more than 2,800 hospitality and non-hospitality books, e-books, magazines, newspapers, CDs and DVD’s. The reference section of the library contains subject encyclopedia, dictionaries, handbooks, and reference copies of all lending section books. The library also holds magazines related to
hospitality and non-hospitality subjects.

  • It has separate study/ reading room for students.
  • The Library provides a number of services such as book lending, Reference book lending services, New arrival Lists that are emailed to students and faculty members.
  • Students can avail the printing/photocopying facility from the library.


The Institute has spacious classrooms equipped with technologically advanced facilities including

  • Central air conditioning
  • LCD screens
  • projectors
  • laptops and
  • Wi-Fi connectivity.

The classrooms are designed keeping in mind factors such as natural sunlight, weather conditions and comfort of students.


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Manora - Raia,
Salcete, Goa, India. 403720
Fax - +91(0832)-6623111
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